How to Layer your Bou-Cou

Here at Bou Cou, we believe that there is no such thing as too much jewelry. But how do you artfully layer all of your amazing Bou Cou necklaces? Don't worry-  Fab'rik Mall of Georgia is here to rescue you from all of your layering woes!  Check out the fantastic video tutorial now!

How do you layer your Bou Cou? Post an Instagram pic of you in your favorite piece(s) and tag us! If we re-post your photo- we'll send you FREE bou-cou! 

First Ever Free Art Friday!

WATCH YOUR STEP, Atlanta! You just might stumble into Bou Cou!

This afternoon, the team took to the Atlanta Beltline to hide a Bou Cou favorite near local art!

We are so excited to participate in Free Art Fridays! Check out the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram (you'll see ours, too!) and take a look at their website

We hid the piece at a delicious new local establishment, Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall. We were too excited to just leave it there, so we grabbed a cocktail and waited.

A cute mini-Bou found the ring! She was so excited! 

Thanks, Ladybird for the amazing food and delicious cocktails. It's definitely a new studio favorite! 

If you're sad that you missed the Bou Cou Drop today, DON'T WORRY! We plan to do this through the rest of October! 


Bou Cou is excited to participate in FREE ART FRIDAYS! 

Free Art Fridays, or #FAFAtl, is a city-wide scavenger hunt where different Atlanta artists and makers give their work away for FREE! All the public has to do is check the #FAFAtl tag on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to find out where the drop was made!  

Bou-Cou will post a picture as our location clue! If you're in Atlanta- GOOD LUCK! 

A major shout-out to Fab'rik Augusta for showing us bou cou love! How cute is this?

A major shout-out to Fab'rik Augusta for showing us bou cou love! How cute is this?

Be sure to follow Bou Cou on Instagram and Twitter for your chance to find #FAFAtl! 

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Twitter- @bou_cou

It's an Instagram Contest!

To enter this awesome contest, just post a photo of you wearing BouCou or of your BouCou to Instagram! Be sure to tag #boucou, #doyouboucou, and @boucou. If we re-post your photo on our Instagram page, YOU WIN! We'll send you a piece of BouCou from our studio! It's so simple! We can't wait to see your submissions!